RepEquity's proprietary technology platform provides data that is both qualitative and quantitative in nature, and allows our clients to track the quality of their online reputation over time and in great detail. Our dashboard - the RepScoreboard - was developed in part to define the parameters and terms of this emerging industry. This "always on" software relies on the art and the science of ORM to give clients a clear picture of search results on a daily basis, and uses our carefully tuned algorithm to reflect the real-world value of those results.

The RepScoreboard considers the quantity and quality of traffic, as part of presenting an overall snapshot of top twenty results across each of the major search engines. The interactive dashboard displays these results in a graphical format, making it easy to compare the current picture to the previous week, month, or the program start. From this central location, clients can easily navigate to check more detailed information, follow search and traffic trends specific to each keyword, or generate spreadsheets of the information for use offline:

We also track the RepScore(tm) over time, which provides an accurate and easily digestible visual. These graphs can be used to check the progress of an entire client program, but may also be customized to provide insight on a more granular level, all the way down to individual search terms:

Digging even deeper, the RepScoreboard also tracks the historic performance of each individual URL that appears for a given keyword at any point during the ORM program: