Ever since we dubbed content as king, there's been an explosion of branded promotion dished out by influencers, bloggers, and even average joes throughout social media.

What, until recently, used to be a veritable urban food desert with barely a Starbucks in sight (ok, there’s one inside a Safeway two blocks away and a Busboys and Poets next to that) now features a one-of-a-kind destination inspired by a desert of an entirely different kind. Meet Shouk, the new kid on the block in Mount Vernon Triangle.

But not in a creepy way. We promise. The brand and reputation management space has, like everything else that flows through the filter we call Google, been flipped end-over-end in recent years as search results become more and more localized.

Last week, RepEquity co-hosted the DC, VA & MD Search Engine Marketing Meetup Group. The group of DC-area professionals meets every few months to network and share ideas with peers in the industry. This time around, we enjoyed a side of pizza and wine with our digital marketing.